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Big City Events – Your Premier Birthday Party Planner Harrisburg!

Nature marks the date when we land on the surface of this earth; why not celebrate each milestone with the joy and recognition it deserves? Together we create a collection of moments that make your event an exquisite one.

Whether your kid is turning 8, 18, or yourself turning 80, let’s celebrate this moment with Big City Events. As a leading birthday party planner in Harrisburg, our expert team will turn your birthday dreams into reality, providing an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Birthday Trends for Toddlers & Tweens - How Do We Make It a Dazzling Birthday Bash?

From Cocomelon to Spidermen and Frozen Princess, we know how a child’s taste changes with time and what’s trending in the birthday theme for each age kid. At Big City Events, we stay ahead by keeping up with the latest trends in birthday parties for kids and teens. Our creative team incorporates popular themes, fun activities, and innovative decor to create a memorable experience that captures the imagination of our young celebrants.

From music star themes to art, and gaming parties, our creative team incorporates popular themes, fun activities, and innovative decor to create a memorable experience that captures the imagination of our young celebrants.

We promise your child's party will not just be another birthday that will keep your guests mesmerized for long after the party has ended. Every child deserves a magical birthday celebration that mirrors their unique personality and interests.

Our Birthday Schedule for Adults - What to Expect?


Gone are the days when adult birthdays were just a simple dinner with friends or family. Today, adult birthdays can be as fun, creative, and engaging as those for kids or teens. At Big City Events, we plan the best birthday ideas and schedule for adults that stand out.

Whether you're looking for an elegant soiree or a fun-filled theme party, our team can bring your vision to life. We curate unique experiences, from wine tastings to retro disco parties, ensuring your birthday party matches your personality and taste.

We incorporate the latest trends, from interactive food stations to personalized cocktail menus, ensuring your adult birthday party is a hit.

What Make Us Your Top Choice for “Birthday Planners Near Me”?

When searching for the best birthday planners near me, you expect a worth investing package within your budget and heaps of amenities, right? That’s what Big City Events stands for; as your birthday party planner in Harrisburg, offering a hassle-free, fun-filled celebration tailored to your needs.

Our comprehensive birthday package includes the following:

  • Entertainment and DJ services

  • End-to-end event management

  • Venue selection and decoration

  • Catering coordination with customized menu options

  • Professional photography and videography

  • Personalized theme and decor

Our birthday party planner cost is competitive and transparent, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar you spend on your special day.

How do We work?

  • Step 1 - Find a Location

Search for local venues and event professionals, including pricing, reviews, event spaces, etc.

  • Step 2 - Establish a Connection

Connect with event businesses via email, phone, or in person—the choice is yours!

  • Step 3: Schedule an Event

Organize your favorites, and then book them in your style!


What Do We offer?

  • Adaptable services

We go the extra mile to provide our customers with high-quality, affordable services. From fairy tale weddings to intimate birthday celebrations, we tailor our packages to each client's vision.

  • Dedicated to Excellence

As a group, we strive for complete customer satisfaction. From email updates on how the planning is progressing to event day management, we will be there at your event to help you with everything.

  • Teen Racing Fun!

Finding teen-approved fun that also meets parental approval can be difficult for any parent - the entertainment must be fabulous while also providing opportunities for supervision that do not make you appear and feel like a helicopter parent.

  • Birthday Parties & Celebrations for All Ages

What better way to mark an adult's birthday than with high-octane fun at Big City Events? Having an adult birthday party at LVGP is fast fun that everyone will enjoy! Following the thrilling race, enjoy food and drinks at the Octane Bar while bragging about your incredible racing abilities!

Why Big City Events For Birthday Celebration?

At Big City Events, we have a simple philosophy – every event should be an unforgettable experience. As a leading event planner in Lehigh Valley and Harrisburg, our commitment to excellence sets us apart from other "birthday party planners near me." We treat every birthday as a unique opportunity to create memories that last a lifetime.

Improve the Way You Celebrate

We want you to have the best birthday party or event you've ever had and the simplest. We have standard packages available, but each party is completely customizable. After all, it is your party.

Birthday Mega VIP Package

When you choose us as your party venue, we handle all the setup and cleanup so you can have fun with your guests. Celebrate with food and refreshments in your private party room.

Taking Celebration to the Next Level

When you choose us as your party venue, we handle all the setup and cleanup so you can enjoy with your guests. Celebrate with food and refreshments in your private party room.

Take Your Celebration to the Next Level

You and your guests can access our trampoline park's attractions, including the warrior course, dodgeball courts, and climbing walls. Everyone will find something they enjoy.

Our Hallmarks – Why Clients Keep Coming to Us?

We are not a mediocre event planning company but a comprehensive service provider with a vast network of resources capable of handling all your event needs, from securing the perfect venue to coordinating with top-tier vendors.

  • Vendors – Big City Event has the venues and vendors you need for your perfect event.

  • Wedding Venues - Wedding, Reception, Ceremony, Marriage

  • Party Venues - Birthday, Reunion, Bridal, Anniversary, Bar Mitzvah Party

  • Meeting Venues - Banquets, Corporate Events, Conferences, Seminars, Convention

  • Caterers - Wedding, Corporate, Food Caterer

  • Photographers - Digital, Professional, Special Event Photographer

  • DJs - Disc Jockey, Music


Q1 - Where Should I Begin When Planning a Birthday?

Decide the location, and venue, then share your birth plan with us. We will set the tone for the rest of your planning process and assist you in answering the remaining questions below.

Q2 - How long will this process take?

Our response isn't equivocal: we've helped millions of people plan their parties, and we have data to show what we've seen for the time it takes to prepare. And don't worry if you don't have that kind of time—we can help!


Q3 - How much money am I going to spend?

You will not only receive budgeting advice but also budget-cutting advice. We have thousands of venues and vendors who have provided us with package information so you can estimate how much you will spend on the venue with and without food for your party.

Q5 - What Are We Going to Do?

Undoubtedly, a good DJ can make your party a huge success. But what other activities can you plan for your party? Find out what's hot in the party planning world and what will never go out of style!


Q6 - How can Birthday Planner Help?

We'll work with you to determine what kind of assistance you require, and as always, we're here to help. Millions of people have used Eventective to plan their events. Check out our Party Forum and other Event Planning Articles for more resources as you begin planning.

This birthday, let Big City Events add a touch of magic to your celebrations. Experience the difference between a personalized, expertly planned event that truly reflects your style and personality.

Reach out to us today. Your dazzling birthday bash is just a call away!

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