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Event Management in Lehigh Valley – Turn Your Dream Event Into Reality!

Events can be unpredictable but expected to be worthwhile in terms of a suitable venue, amazing menu, guests’ entertainment, fulfilling purpose, appealing ambiance, parking feasibility, and, most importantly – not breaking your bank. Sounds dreamy, but not with Big City Events – the leading event management in Lehigh Valley, PA.

You read right! As a leading event planner in Lehigh Valley, PA, we specialize in creating memorable experiences that resonate. From majestic weddings to corporate events, we perfectly handle every detail, ensuring your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression.

We set out to exceed your expectations and have the expertise, experience, precision, and determination to do so. From grand weddings to corporate events, we take care of every detail to ensure your event runs smoothly and leaves a lasting impression.


Why Choose Us As Your Event Planner in Lehigh Valley?

Our expertise, creativity, and dedication set us apart from other event management companies. We understand each event is unique, so we collaborate closely with our clients to tailor every detail to their preferences. We leverage our strong relationships with local vendors and venues to provide the best options at the best prices.

With Big City Events at your side, your event will be a standout occasion that perfectly reflects your vision.

We Promise

Event Scalability

Projectors, screens, cameras, microphones, speakers, truss, cable, and so on... We could go on forever! Of course, we have it all and are constantly adding to our inventory to ensure we provide the best equipment possible at every event.

 It's not just about keeping inventory, expanding it, and adding new technologies regularly.


You Need Us For


You've done everything, but you need help keeping it together. We are here for you if you need someone to help you keep your plans in order! Wedding Day Coordination typically begins 6-8 weeks before the wedding, when we will collaborate to download all of the details of your event.

This ensures that we can carry out your vision flawlessly. Of course, each event is unique, so that we can discuss your specific needs during our free consultation. To make an appointment, please visit our contact page!

Allow our event stylists to design and create your wedding's visual aesthetic. Our team will design and manage your reception's visual presentation and theme. While this is a separate service, it is almost always included in the floral services you may retain through our studio. Let's collaborate on a design strategy.

  • Complete Wedding Planning

This all-inclusive service is intended for modern couples who want unrestricted access to our expert team from the moment they say "yes!" The full-service package allows you to relax and enjoy your engagement while we handle the design, coordination, and execution of your wedding, from the design concept to the dance floor.

We will collaborate closely to create a cohesive, stylish, and unforgettable experience for your wedding. This package includes budget creation, venue scouting, contracting and managing your other wedding professionals, creating a timeline for the wedding weekend, invitations, and much more. During your initial consultation, we can go over your specific requirements.

With a combination of experience and technology, we help people get together!" Our new computer-generated diagrams will quickly get you up to speed. We have tents in a variety of sizes and colors. Are you unsure how many people will fit around a table or what size linens you require? Our event planners can assist you!


We are here for you if you need someone to keep your plans in order! Wedding Day Coordination typically begins 6-8 weeks before the wedding, when we will collaborate to download all of the details of your event.

This ensures that we can carry out your vision flawlessly. Of course, each event is unique, so that we can discuss your specific needs during our free consultation. To make an appointment, please visit our contact page!

  • Site and Location Selection

The location of your meeting could be the most essential factor in attendance. We will find the most desirable destination that best suits your event goals and budget by utilizing our database of over 200,000 top-quality venues worldwide.


End-to-End Meeting Management Services

  • Event Planning & Design—Our experts create an experience that wows attendees while meeting your event objectives. We understand the why of your event and how to make it as profitable as possible.


  • Program Management—We handle the hundreds of details of organizing a large-scale meeting. Our top priority is ensuring that your event is delivered on time, on budget, and flawlessly, from sourcing, budgeting, and scheduling to venue selection, marketing, and event delivery.

What to Expect from Our Event Management Services?

When you hire Big City Events for event management services, you can expect nothing less than the best. Our team will walk you through every step of the event planning process, offering expert advice and flawless execution. So you can relax, we handle everything from logistics to décor, catering, and entertainment.

Whether you're searching for a wedding planner in Lehigh Valley, PA, or need a hand orchestrating a corporate gathering, trust the experts at Big City Events. Your dreams are our inspiration, and your satisfaction is our ultimate reward.

Lehigh Valley Event Venues We Cover

We're proud to offer a diverse portfolio of Lehigh Valley event venues. From elegant banquet halls and rustic barns to intimate event spaces and expansive outdoor settings, we provide an array of options to fit your event's unique needs and style.

Whether planning a large conference, a chic cocktail party, or a fairytale wedding, we'll help you find the perfect venue that suits your taste and budget.

Our Process

Our event planning process begins with a discovery call. This is where we dive in and try to understand your audience, your event objectives, and our collective heads around exactly what it will take to put on a killer production.


Communication with you is critical to our success, and we will always listen to ensure we understand. We're not just order takers unless that's what you're looking for. We collaborate with you effectively throughout the entire process. Communication does not stop with us because working well with the other partners will help ensure your and your team's success.


Good planning is essential, from deciding what equipment to use based on your goals and audience to ensuring we keep the labor bill down (and our crew out of overtime and off meal-penalties!). We want to be good stewards of your budget, and the best way to do so is to plan with you from the beginning.

Design for Technology

We'll agree on how to meet your needs through communication and planning, which will be carried out through our equipment and personnel. Whether we use front- or rear-projection, delay screens and projectors are part of technical design. Our team begins with the end goal in mind, proposing a plan that will achieve your objectives while remaining flexible.


If the design is not well executed, it is meaningless. Our team is ready to make you look great! We prioritize working with your staff and speakers to ensure everyone understands their role and where they need to be (and when) and to hit every cue precisely.

We keep nearly 80% of our clients who come to Chicago because we make our services affordable.

Our reputation as the top event planner in Lehigh Valley, PA, is rooted in our unwavering commitment to quality, meticulous attention to detail, and passion for creating memorable experiences. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, from venue selection and decoration to catering and entertainment.

When you partner with us, you're getting a service and a partner dedicated to making your event a resounding success.


Q1 - When should we hire you?

It all depends on the services you want at your wedding. If you're looking for full-service wedding planning, I recommend getting in touch as soon as you're ready to begin the wedding planning fun!

If you're looking for a day of coordinator, I recommend reaching out as soon as you know your wedding date and location. We are typically booked 6-18 months before the event date.


Q2 - How do I choose the right event venue in Lehigh Valley?

Our team at Big City Events has extensive knowledge of the various Lehigh Valley event venues. We'll help you choose the right venue based on your event's size, nature, and style preferences.


Q3 - What makes Big City Events the best event planner in Lehigh Valley, PA?

Our dedication to excellence, attention to detail, and strong relationships with local vendors and venues set us apart. We ensure their vision is realized and their event is memorable.


Q4 - Do you offer wedding planning services in Lehigh Valley, PA?

Yes, we offer comprehensive wedding planning services. Our professional wedding planners are dedicated to creating a day that's as unique as your love story.


Q5 - Can I customize the services I want for my event?

Absolutely! At Big City Events, we understand that every event is unique. We customize our services according to your needs and preferences.


Q6 - How can I contact Big City Events for my event planning needs?

You can contact us via call or fill out a form on our website. We would be happy to discuss your event and how we can help it succeed.


Q7 - What measures does Big City Events take to ensure the safety of guests during events?

We adhere to all local and state guidelines regarding health and safety. This includes measures like social distancing, sanitization of venues, and working closely with vendors who uphold the same standards.


Q8 - How far in advance should I book your event management services?

The earlier, the better. This allows us ample time to plan and implement your event down to the last detail. We recommend contacting us as soon as you have a date for your event.

Ready to start planning your next event? Contact us today, and let's bring your vision to life. At Big City Events, we transform ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences.

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