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Birthday Party Planner Allentown: Creating Joyful Celebrations

Welcome to Big City Events, your premier Birthday Party Planners in Allentown. We believe every birthday is an occasion to celebrate life's joyful moments, and we're here to make your special day unforgettable. Our team of skilled planners takes the stress out of organizing your celebration, leaving you free to relish every precious moment.

You deserve a birthday party that is as unique and cool as you are. Discover new things about your friends and city this year with a Let's Roam app-guided birthday party scavenger hunt!

Unlike other birthday planners in Allentown, you will never find the most convenient package with more amenities and perks than our birthday planning ideas. We make your event an enthralling one for kids and teens with a chance to capture exquisite moments at some of the coolest spots near you.

Win or lose, you're in for the time of your lives—plus tons of fun images to download and share!

What Makes The Best Birthday Planning?

Our expertise and resources enable us to handle birthday celebrations of all sizes and styles, from intimate gatherings to grand parties. Here's a taste of our extensive party services:

  • Venue - We assist in selecting the ideal location from various fantastic Allentown birthday party venues.


  • Decoration -Our team will create a lovely setting that fits your theme and style.


  • Photography: We collaborate with professional photographers to capture every joyful moment


  • Event Coordination - Our planners will ensure everything runs seamlessly on your big day.


Unleash Your Imagination: Birthday Party Theme Ideas

At Big City Events, we believe in the power of a great theme to make a party unforgettable. Whether you're celebrating a milestone birthday or just looking to throw a memorable party, here are a few of our favorite birthday party ideas/themes that we can bring to life:

Superheroes Unleashed: Perfect for kids (and adults!) who love comic book heroes. We'll create a fantastic world where everyone can feel like a superhero for a day.

Fairy-tale Magic: A magical celebration for your little prince or princess. This theme can include everything from a castle cake to a real-life princess greeting guests.


Wild Safari: An adventure-filled party for animal lovers. We can set up an animal encounter, plan safari-themed games, and create a jungle-like atmosphere.

Galaxy Quest: Ideal for budding astronauts and science lovers. This theme can include a planetarium show, astronaut training games, and galaxy-inspired decorations.

Carnival Funfair: A vibrant and fun theme for all ages. We can arrange classic carnival games, face painting, popcorn, or candy machines.

Designing Your Ideal Celebration With Best Birthday Solutions

Big City Events understands that each birthday is as unique as the honored person. As a result, we work hard to provide the best birthday solution for each client. We can tailor every detail of the day to your needs and desires thanks to our bespoke approach to party planning.

We Make Memories to Last a Lifetime!

Organizing a birthday party can be intimidating, but it doesn't have to be. Big City Events will walk you through every step of the process, ensuring that your party planning experience is as enjoyable as the event itself.

Our professionals handle everything from budgeting to day-of coordination, allowing you to concentrate on what is truly important.

Package Details For Birthday Party Planning Services Allen town

Every birthday is unique, and we offer multiple packages to suit different needs and budgets. Here's an overview of what we offer:

  • Silver Package - Our silver package is ideal for small, low-key gatherings. It includes assistance with venue selection, basic decoration, and day-of coordination.


  • Gold Package includes everything in the Silver package, including catering coordination, entertainment booking, and theme decoration.


  • Platinum Package - Our premium package is designed for those who want to make their celebration genuinely unforgettable. Everything in Gold includes exceptional decoration, a dedicated event photographer, and personalized party favor for each guest.

Note that all packages are customizable to your needs. Tell us your detailed requirements, and let's plan an unforgettable birthday party today!

Birthday Party Planner For Adults – Where to Host in Allentown?

It's time for an adults-only get-together! Look no further than Big City Events – the best birthday party planner for adults in Pennsylvania. You can have a great time painting with friends and family while sipping your favorite wine or cocktail, and you can also create wonderful art AND memories without having to sit through a boring dinner.

You can rely on us for a delightful atmosphere, step-by-step painting instructions, and supplies so you can spend less time hosting and more time having fun!

Find Kids Birthday Party Places Near You in Allentown

Do you want to know how to throw a kid's birthday party that everyone will enjoy? We have a solution! Invite their closest friends and sit back as they eat cake, laugh the day away with friends, and let their creativity run wild.

Our artists will guide your children while bringing patience and positivity, making your local Allentown, PA, the best children's party venue.

Customized Birthday Parties in Allentown

When you book a birthday paint party in Allentown with us, you can easily customize the party to match the energy of your celebration. Whatever you have in mind, from galaxy paintings to blacklight events, you can choose what best suits your group and event. Is the occasion calling for a cozier, more intimate setting? That's perfectly acceptable!

Big City Events provides At-Home Paint Kits, allowing you to host a virtual birthday party from the comfort of your home. Customize your at-home event by using written or video tutorials. You'll need a computer or tablet to connect with your instructor and host a live virtual paint party at home.

We'll also deliver painting supplies to your long-distance guests so that everyone is included in your birthday celebration, no matter how far they travel.


Jane D., Allentown, PA

"Our daughter's 5th birthday was a hit, thanks to Big City Events. Their thorough attention to detail was impressive, and they genuinely cared about making the day special. The superhero theme was executed flawlessly - every kid felt part of an epic adventure! As birthday party planners, they're the best in Allentown."

Start planning your unforgettable birthday party with Big City Events today. Contact us now to schedule your consultation. Together, we'll bring your party dreams to life.

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